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Creep, Fatigue and Fracture

Creep, being a time and temperature dependent phenomenon, limits the practical utility of high temperature polycrystalline materials and consequently, results in catastrophic failure of the same. On the other hand, fatigue deals with real life stress conditions where the stress is fluctuating in nature, and therefore, has significantly detrimental effect on the life of the components. Dealing with these properties requires in-depth analysis and comprehension of the underlying mechanisms and the characteristics of fractures caused by them. From extremely high temperature (~800-1000°C) applications like in the powerplant industries, to relatively low temperature (~200°C) applications like in the automotive powertrain components, these properties hold utmost significance in determining the longevity of the relevant machineries. In order to exercise control over these inevitable phenomena in elevated temperature conditions, our group is currently focusing on tailoring the microstructure as well as optimizing the composition and processing routes of existing as well as indigenously developed alloys with an economic and feasible approach. Critical analyses are being carried out in order to comprehend the fundamental mechanisms involved and to engineer them towards improving the performance of the materials.

Recent Publications

  • Sunil Goyal et al.  Materials Science and Engineering: A, 696 (2017) 407-415.  (Click to View)

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