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Lipika Rani Bairi, Darothi Bairagi, Partha Duley and Sumantra Mandal, Effect of long-term immersion andpassivation behavior of lean duplex stainless steel2101 in 3.5% NaCl solution, Metals and Materials International, (2022)  Click to view

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Darothi Bairagi, Partha Duley, Manas Paliwal and  Sumantra Mandal, Influence of second phase precipitates on mechanical and in-vitro corrosion behavior of Mg-4Zn-0.5Ca-0.8Mn alloy in optimum homogenized condition, Journal of Magnesium Alloys, (2022) . Click to view


Rahul Rakshit, Bhupesh Singh Katiyar, Carlos N. Tome, Sushanta Kumar Panda and  Sumantra Mandal, A finite element coupled visco-plastic self consistent simulation  to predict micro-texture and anisotropy evolutaion during single point increamental forming in Al-Li alloy, Journal of Material Processing and Technology, 312(2023) 117834. Click to view


Souriddha Sanyal, Pallabi Bhuyan, Tapas K. Bandyopadhyay and Sumantra Mandal, Multiscale precipitation evolution and its implication on tensile deformation behavior in thermomechanically processed and peak-aged lean Mg-Ca-Al-Mn alloy, Materialia, 26(2022) 101566. Click to view


Yahya H. Mozumder, Rahul Rakshit, Debarpan Ghosh, Lakhindra Marandi and  Sumantra Mandal, Nano-mechanical properties and onset of plasticity Fe-Mn-Al-Ni-C duplex lightweight steel processed by high temperature compression, Materials Science and Engineering A, 849 (2022) 143487. Click to view


P. Bhuyan, S. Sanyal, V. Subramanya Sarma, B. de Boer, R. Mitra and  Sumantra Mandal,   A novel approach combining grain boundary engineering and grain boundary serration to enhance high temperature hot corrosion resistance in alloy 617: , Materialia, 23 (2022) 101451. Click to view


P. Bhuyan, S. Sanyal, R. Mitra and  Sumantra Mandal,   Grain size dependent high- temperature hot corrosion (HTHC) degradation in alloy 617 during exposure in Na2So4 + Nacl + V2O5 salt mixture: , Journal of Alloy Compounds, 9142022) 165262. Click to view


Souriddha Sanyal, Pallabi Bhuyan, Tapas k. Bandyopadhyay and  Sumantra Mandal,   Insights into the effect of different thermomechanical processing on the microstructure, phases, texture and tensile properties in Mg-0.9Al-0.6Mn-0.2Si-0.1Ca Alloly: , Intermetallics, 146(2022) 107564. Click to view


P.S. Lin Prakash, Rahul Rakshit,  Sumantra Mandal, Gour Gopal Roy, Sushanta Kumar Panda,  Uniaxial tensile deformation behavior of electron beam welded commercially pure  titanium and Ti6Al4V joints: Experimental and metallurgical characterization, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 76(2022) 444-456. Click to view

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S. Kumar, A. Sarkar, A. Durga Prasad, M. Paliwal, S. Mukherjee and Sumantra Mandal, Superior strength-ductility combination in Ni-modified medium manganese lightweight steel with the determining role of phase transformation and recrystallization behaviour, Materials Science and Engineering A, 835(2022) 142664. Click to view


K. Arun Babu, Yahya  H. Mozumder , C.N. Athreya, V. Subramanya Sarma and Sumantra Mandal,  Implification of initial grain size on DRX mrchanism and grain refinement in super 304H SS in a wide range of strain rates during large hot deformation, Materials Science and Engineering A, 830(2022) 142269. Click to view


Rahul Rakshit, Arnab Sarkar, Sushanta Kumar Panda and Sumantra Mandal,  Influence of out-of plane stretch forming induced different strain paths on micro-texture evolution, slip system activity and taylor factor distribution in Al-Li alloy, Materials Science and Engineering A, 830(2022) 142267. Click to view

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