Melting & Casting Facility


Stir Casting and Thixocasting Set-up for Mg and Al-based Alloys and Composites

Furnace Max. Temperature: 950°C

Powder Preheater Max.Temperature: 300°C

Die Heater Max.Temperature: 300°C

Stirring Max. Speed: 500 rpm

Hydraulic Max. Load Delivery: 40 Tonnes

Funded by:
Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, IIT Kharagpur

Bottom Pouring Electrical Resistance furnace

Furnace Max. Temperature: 900°C

Bottom pouring arrangement for melting-casting

Funded by: INSA

Heat Treatment Facility

High-Temperature Box Furnace

Programmable Heating /Cooling Schedule

Furnace Max Temperature 1200°C

Funded by: SERB, DST

Metallographic Sample Preparation Facility


High Precision Abrasive Cutting Machine

Alumina, Silicon Carbide and Diamond embedded Polyester Blades

Programmable: Blade Rotation Speed, Feed Rate, Cutting Distance 

Coolant Supported automatic feed rate monitoring according to the motor load

Funded by: SERB, DST

Hot Mounting Press

Mounting Temperature: (50° C - 220° C) 

Mounting Pressure: (70 - 300 bars)

Heating Time: (1-20 minutes)

Cooling Time: (1-30 minutes)

Funded by: ISIRD, IIT Kharagpur

Semi-Automatic Grinder-Polisher

Rotation Speed Regulation: (0-500 rpm)

Adjustable timer

Adjustable Water Supply

Funded by: ISIRD, IIT Kharagpur

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Soft/Normal vibration mode

Adjustable Heating and Vibration Duration

Funded by: INSA

Materials Characterisation Facility


High Resolution Optical Microscope

Objective Lens: 5x, 20x, 50x
BF, DF, DIC mode
Analyser-Polarizer equipped
Image Capture and Analysis Software

Funded by: ISIRD, IIT Kharagpur

Mechanical Testing Facility


High Temperature Constant Load Creep Testing Equipment

Max Temperature: 1000°C
Max Load: 
Lever Ratio: 20:1
With Extensometer Auto-balancing
Live Monitoring and Data Recording Software

Funded by: SDGRI, SRIC, IIT Kharagpur

Environmental Degradation Testing Laboratory



Potential range: -10 V to +10 V 

Current ranges: 500 mA to 1 µA (10 nA with gain)

EIS measurement: 3 MHz (1%, 1°) to 7 MHz (3%, 3°)

Funded by: ISIRD, IIT Kharagpur

Flat Cell

Cell volume: 250 mL
Corrosion flat cell: 1 cm² 
Calomel reference electrode: length - 90 mm, OD - 6 mm
Platinum mesh counter electrode : 54 mm wire/ 80 mesh, 25 x35 mm 
Reference electrode bridge tube: 6 mm diameter
The cell has a double jacket for temperature control and three holes for hosting reference electrode, purge tube and temperature probe

Funded by: INSA

Aqueous Corrosion Set-up

Ferric Sulfate Hydrate (Fe2(SO4)3·xH2O),
Sulfuric Acid (H2(SO)4), Glass cradle, Glass hooks or stirrups, Boiling Chips, High Vacuum Silicone Grease,
Hot plate, Analytical balance,1-L Erlenmeyer flask with a ground glass joint to match that of the condenser,Allihn condenser with a minimum of four bulbs

Funded by: INSA
corrosion set up.jpg

High-Temperature Oxidation Set-up

Furnace Temperature Range: 250°C-1500°C
Dry Compressed Air, Steam, Argon gas, Oxygen gas, Nitrogen gas supply with flow-rate and pressure control
Preheater with Max. Temperature: 400°C
Steam Generator with Max. Temperature: 300°C
Condenser, External Pumps and Reservoir System for recycling used water

Funded by: SERB, DST