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Our research team is involved in designing new alloys with improved mechanical and corrosion properties. Further, the group is also involved in improving the material properties and performance of the existing alloys employing microstructure engineering approach. We have undertaken a systematic campaign to understand, evaluate and establish the various grain boundary related specific material properties as a function of five microscopic degrees of freedom of boundaries for a range of bulk polycrystalline materials. Material properties are being improved by understanding the synergistic influence of various microstructural features like grain boundary character, grain boundary morphology, micro-texture, grain size, precipitate morphology and its distribution etc. A system and optimization approach has been undertaken where certain property packages, rather than just a single  property, are achieved through this new strategy of microstructure engineering. So join us in this venture to dedicate and devote yourselves in design and development of new high-performance materials for the era of challenges in the field of engineering and technology.

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