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Thermo mechanical processing, experimental study and simulation

Our research interest is the investigation of deformation behavior of super austenitc stainless steels during hot compression. Super austenitic stainless steels are potential candidate materials for nuclear and chemical industries owing to their excellent corrosion resistance and superior high temperature mechanical properties. The exceptional properties are attributed to the presence of high concentration of various alloying elements such as Cr, Ni, Mo, N and Cu which limits hot workability. Dynamic recrystallization (DRX) and dynamic recovery (DRV) are the two softening mechanisms that predominantly occur during hot deformation. The occurrence of DRX during hot deformation has attracted attention as it plays a crucial role in microstructural evolution and grain refinement which eventually helps to reduce the forming load and optimize hot workability. Moreover, our group have also focused on FEM simulation of hot working to identify the implication of adiabatic heating and barreling on forming loads. Texture changes during hot deformation are also evaluated employing crystal plasticity finite element methods (CPFEM). Our study provide fundamental understanding and practical implications for the thermo-mechanical processing of the stainless steel. 

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